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ICS Diamond Chains
Replacement Chains for 660GC Saws

Replacement  Diamond Chains for 603GC Concrete ChainsawsReplacement ICS Chains for ICS 660GC Concrete Chainsaws

ICS 660GC Saws use TwinMAX Series Diamond Chains
Combo Packs - for 660GC Concrete Chainsaws Save Money with a COMBO PACK
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10 Inch TwinMAX Series Diamond Chains
All ICS Diamond Chains, Guide Bars, Combo Packs, and Saw Packages include free ground freight.
10 Inch TwinMAX Series Diamond Chains for ICS 660GC Concrete Chainsaws
Combo Pack: Buy 2 Chains & Get the Guide Bar FREE
10 Inch TwinMAX Combo Packs for ICS 603GC Concrete Chainsaws
SAVE: $99.95
SAVE: $99.95
SAVE: $99.95
SAVE: $99.95
25 Segment Chains are referred to as 10" Diamond Chains when used with a 660GC Guide Bar P/N 517689 because they provide a 10" cutting depth.
Guide Bar P/N 517689 - Referred to as a "10 Inch Guide Bar"Guide Bar for 660GC 10 Inch Diamond Chains
Overall Length:
14.8 Inches (37.6cm)
TwinMax Series Chains for ICS 660GC Gas Saws
TwinMAX Series diamond chains for use on ICS 660GC Concrete Chainsaws.
Diamond segments are laser welded to every other chain link on TwinMAX Chains. TwinMAX series chains are named for their "Double Bumper" design. The metal triangles between each diamond segment act as bumpers and minimize any snagging that may occur when the diamond segments contact cutting materials. This makes these chains "user-friendly" by making it impossible to put the chain on backwards.
Diagram of TwinMAX SealPRO Technology used on TwinMAX Chains for ICS 660GC Concrete Chainsaws.SealProâ„¢ technology, incorporated into every ICS Diamond Chain, is a patented chain chassis design that seals out the abrasive contaminants present in concrete cutting environments. A unique o-ring design seals the rivets and joints of the chain, keeping the abrasive materials out and the lubrication in. Abrasion inside the chain chassis is the primary cause of chain wear and stretch.
Chain Type
Soft Stone and Abrasive Brick
Natural Stone
Medium Concrete with Light Rebar
Hard Concrete with Heavy Reinforcement
Rebar impacts life of SealPRO chains
TwinMAX Plus
TwinMAX Abrasive

TwinMAX Series Chain Definitions:

  • TwinMAX - A general purpose chain designed for everyday use. Used in 90% of cutting gobs. This chain is designed to be affordable and user freindly.
  • TwinMAX Plus - Built to tackle harder materials and more steel, is the best chain for Hard Reinforced Concrete and other hard materials.
  • TwinMAX Abrasive - A special diamond concentration and harder bond make this diamond chain perfect for cutting through highly abrasive aggregate like brick and sandstone. Note: Harder bonds like those in Abrasive chains do not expose diamonds quickly enough to be efficient in concrete or other hard materials.

ICS Chain tensioning video:

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