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680GC Saw Package Deals Include:
(1) Power Head, (1) Guide Bar, (2) Chains
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Value priced with two chains. Please call for pricing with one chain
680GC 2-Cycle Gas Powered Concrete ChainsawsGet a FREE 2nd Chain
With any 680GC Concrete Chainsaw
Includes Free Ground Freight
All ICS 680GC Chainsaw Packages from CESSCO include:
(1) 680GC Power Head, (1) Guide Bar, and (2) TwinMAX Diamond Chains
680GC Power Head
P/N 545090

Cut up to 14" Deep with 14" Guide Bar and Chain
Guide Bars & Diamond Chains sold separately
680GC-14 Saw Package (P/N 545099) 680GC Power Head
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ICS 680GC Features & Benefits

This inexpensive 2-Cycle Gasoline Saw is a great
entry-level saw for the occasional concrete cutter.
Built to meet the operational and flexibility demands of the general construction audience, the 680GC stands alone in terms of reliability and value. Packed with innovations and loaded with dependability, the 680GC is the perfect saw for the less frequent user. The distinctive black powerhead houses redesigned carburetion and ignition systems that work together to ensure easy ICS 680GC Concrete Chainsaw (P/N 545058) Cutting Depth Comparisonstarting, cooler operation, and dependable performance at just about any elevation. Improved airflow design keeps the engine much cooler, extending its life. Available with 12” (30 cm) and 14” (35 cm) guidebars and the entire line of TwinMAX™ diamond chain.

• Use on concrete, stone and masonry
Square corners
• Narrow deep cutting up to 14 in.
• Small openings
• 80 cc gas powered engine
• Safe, no gyroscopic rotation
Deeper Cuts than other methods
• No Kickback
• Wet-Cut reduces dust
• Versatile and easy to use
• Time Savings vs Cut-Off Saws

ICS Gas Powered
Concrete Chain Saw Packages:
680GC Gas Concrete Chainsaw
680GC Gas Concrete Chainsaw
As sold with: 12" bar & chain 14" bar & chain
Chain & Price
Guide Bar & Price
12 Inch Bar
14 Inch Bar
Combo Pack Pricing
Buy 2 Chains get the guide bar FREE!
Cutting depth (as sold): 12 Inches 14 Inches
WEIGHT 21 lbs (9.5 kg) with bar and chain
BAR LENGTH Up to 14 in (35 cm) -
ENGINE SPEED 11500 +/- 500 rpm, 2800-3200 rpm idle
HORSEPOWER 5 hp (3.7 kW) @ 9500 rpm
ENGINE TYPE 2-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled
DISPLACEMENT 4.7 cu. inch (76.5 cc)
CHAIN SPEED 5300 fpm (27 m/s), free running
POWERHEAD DIMENSIONS 18 inches (45 cm) Length
11.5 inches (29 cm) Height
10 inches (25 cm) Width
NOISE LEVEL 100 dBA @ 3 ft (1 m)
VIBRATION LEVEL 10.5 meters/second2 (front handle)
WATER SUPPLY Minimum 20 psi (1.5 bar)
FUEL MIX RATIO 25:1 (4%) fuel-to-oil
FUEL CAPACITY 0.23 gal (.88 liter), 15-18 minutes
run time per tank
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