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Backpack Blower /
    This unit can be used for clearing debris or for watering and spraying insecticides,
    fertilizers, or herbicides in measured quantities. Attachments are available for
    spreading dry items. Not available in all areas.

    Standard Features

    Optional Features

  • Metering pump kit (4203 007 1029)
  • Dusting and granulate-spreading attachment (4203 007 1013)
  • Ultra-low volume jet kit (4203 007 1019)
Backpack Blower / Sprayer
Engine Power
Fuel Capacity
56.5 cc
(3.44 cu. in.)
2.5 kW
(3.55 bhp)
24.0 lbs
50.7 oz
Air Velocity
Air Volume (with
Spray Range
226 mph
441 cfm