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Grouters, Grout Pumps, Grout Mixers,
Largest Selection of Grouting Equipment in the World
Grouting Applications Include:

Civil Engineering - soil nails, tiebacks, earth anchors, cable and rock bolts, void filling, pipe jacking, dam foundations
Structural - building restoration, foundation stabilization, waterproofing, soil compacting grouting, machine bases, tilt up panels
Construction - post tensioning grout, pavement undersealing , slabjacking and slab raising, self leveling floor underlayments, window & door frames
Restoration - concrete repairs, repair mortar sprayer, sewer and manhole repair, cementitous toppings, bonded overlays
Marine - underwater foundations, piers, breakers, shoreline foundations, cutoff grouting
Mining & Tunneling- tunnel lining, contact grouting, shaft waterproofing, rock bolts, cable anchors, shaft abandonment
Utilities - encasements, waterproofing, slope line grouting, tower foundations, machine bases
Highway - dowel bars, bridge decks, pavement resurfacing, undersealing, slab raising
Geotechnical - deep well casing, monitor wells, well sealing and abandonment, geothermal grouting, environmental grouting, slurry walls

The following equipment is engineered and manufactured by ChemGrout, Inc.:

  • Size 3, Size 4, Size 6 and Size 8 Progressing Cavity Pumps
  • 2" and 3" Piston Pumps
  • Plunger Pumps, Double Acting, High Pressure flow rates to 50 gpm, pressures to 2500 psi.
  • Paddle Mixers:   with 34, 45, 70, 100 or 130 Gallons Tanks
  • 2X3X6 Colloidal Mix Pumps
  • 2X3X12 Colloidal Mix Pumps
  • 100 to 600 Gallon Agitator Tanks
  • Custom systems available upon request
Some Chemgrout products are made to order and during peak demand periods may require longer lead times. CESSCO Inc. recommends you plan accordingly.
Let CESSCO help you use the above catalog to find the equipment you need for your jobsite.