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Combo Pack - Buy 2 FORCE3 Premium 35 Chains (P/N 584302)  get a Guide Bar and sprocket free
CESSCO Combo Packs
Buy 2 ICS TwinMAX or FORCE3 Chains and Get a
TwinMAX Chains have been improved and are now FORCE3 Chains.
TwinMAX P/N (Old P/N)
FORCE3 P/N (New P/N)
10 Inch Chains for Small Gas Saws
71493 TwinMAX-25 - Sold Out
517869 TwinMAX-25 Plus - Sold Out
12 Inch Chains for Medium & Large Gas Saws
71400 TwinMAX-29 - Sold Out
71554 TwinMAX-29 Abrasive - Sold Out
71704 TwinMAX-29 Plus - Sold Out
14 Inch Chains for Medium & Large Gas Saws
71486 TwinMAX-32 - Sold Out
71610 TwinMAX-32 Abrasive - Sold Out
71705 TwinMAX-32 Plus - Sold Out
16 Inch Chains for Large Gas Saws
71607 TwinMAX-35 - Sold Out
71611 TwinMAX-35 Abrasive - Sold Out
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Is the largest independent dealer
of ICS products in North America
With both companies located in Portland Oregon, CESSCO Inc. has been a vital partner with ICS in developing and expanding the market for Concrete Chainsaws. Work with the experts at CESSCO Inc. to get the most from your investment.

CESSCO Inc sells new ICS TwinMAX Concrete Chains
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