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Concrete Chains Saw Wall Saw Wire Saw
When you need to cut an opening in a concrete wall or cut through a block of hard material, why use a concrete chain saw instead of other well known methods? Money. The start up costs and training needed to successfully use a concrete chain saw are less than wall sawing or wire sawing.  Faster set-up and lower startup costs!
Safety Tips:
  • Avoid pinching the bar and chain in the cut - NEVER FOLLOW THE CUT from another saw.
  • Check for electrical wiring, gas or water lines near the cutting area
  • Inspect the chain frequently for damage and proper tension.
  • Wear proper safety equipment including: Eye protection, boots, gloves, hard hat, hearing protection, and rain suit
  • Select the correct chain type for the job and material.
Understanding the Basics
Basic information about diamond tools, and different types of diamond chains.

How Diamond tools work

What factors effect performance.

Cutting Tips.
Picking the Right Saw
Comparison of
3/8 Pitch saws and 0.444" Pitch saws
for cutting concrete and/or ductile iron.

See the starting
prices for the
Diamond Chains and Bars utilized by various saws in one place.
Finding the Right Chain
Helpful if you're not sure which ICS Saw Model you're trying to find Chains for.

When your trying to find the best chain for the material you're cutting - Pro's and Cons of General Purpose chains vs. Premium & Abrasive
Chain Tensioning
A properly tensioned chain will optimize cutting performance. For a chain saw that
is properly tensioned diamond chain must not be bowstring tight and can be pulled freely around the
guide bar by hand easily without
The Correct Guide Bar
Guide Bars are designed for specific saw models to be used with associated chains.
include saw model, chain series, and cutting depth.

Combo Packs include free bars
Applications made simpler
Air Conditioner Installation
Concrete Pipe Tap Installation
Egress Window Installation
HVAC & Electrical Openings
Pool Skimmer
Other Small