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Ductile Iron cutting Chainsaws are safer than other methods Ductile Iron cutting Chainsaws cut from one side requiring less excavation

Ductile Iron Cutting Chainsaws

ICS PowerGrit Ductile Iron Cutting chainsaws
Gasoline, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic models available.
PowerGrit and the new PowerGritXL
let you cut safer, faster and easier
Cutting from one side means Less excavation & faster results!
Specially Priced PowerGrit Saws
ICS 680ES-PG Gas PowerGrit Ductile Iron Chainsaws
2-Cycle 5Hp
General Contractors
0.444" Pitch
Cut pipe up to
10" Diameter

10" Saw Package Only::
ICS 695XL-PG Gas PowerGrit Ductile Iron Cutting Chainsaws
2-Cycle 6.4Hp
Utility Workers
0.444" Pitch
Cut pipe up to
16" Diameter

Saw Packages onlyt:
ICS 701A-PG PowerGrit Pneumatic Ductile Iron Cutting Chainsaws
Pneumatic 6.5Hp
Utility Workers
0.444" Pitch
Cut pipe up to
25" Diamater

Saw Packages only:
ICS 890PG Hydraulic PowerGrit Ductile Iron Chainsaws
Utility Workers
0.444" Pitch
Cut pipe up to
25" Diameter

Saw Packages only:
*NOTE: Measuring Horsepower on Hydraulic saws does not take into account their superior torque.
The torque on ICS Hydraulic saws range from 122-170 ft-lbs
Continental US Freight Time Estimate
Estimated Travel time for Concrete Chainsaw delivery
ICS Safety Notifications
READ THE Safety NOTICES from the your ICS Operation Manual. It is each end user's responsibility to utilize the Manufacturer's published information for current changes.
Fully expose pipe, create access around entire pipe. Must excavate 2-3 feet beyond bottom of pipe..
Excavate to expose pipe and safe cutting window only. Requires only one side cutting access.
Less excavation. Small work zone impact/footprint.
Hand Digging
Extensive hand digging required to provide full circle cutting access.
Relatively little hand digging required to provide a safe, clear cutting window.
Less hand digging.
Cutting Ergonomics
Must cut from all sides, including from below.
Cut through pipe from one side, no need to move to other side or cut from below.
Single side access cuting provides a simpler, faster, and safer cutting process
Machine Performance
Circular blade stall when cutting a pipe full of water. Belt driven, slips when wet.
Able to make cut through a pipe full of water. Further, direct chain drive assure machine will perform, even when wet.
No waiting for pipe to drain. Less down time.
Must cut from all sides. Many users have become accustomed to adjusting or removing manufacturer safety guard in order to perform up cut.
Safely cut down through pipe - or plunge when necessary. No kick back as associated with traditional wood chain saws. No need to adjust manufacturer guards in order to perform upcutting.
Safe alternative.

What is PowerGrit and how does it work?

PowerGrit is a patent-pending, diamond-coated Utility Saw Chain designed to grind through ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, HDPE and other types of pipe as well as a broad range of other hard materials.

What are the benefits of using PowerGrit?

PowerGrit chain is faster, easier and safer than other methods.
  • Reduced excavation time to access pipe
  • Reduced labor required to dig under pipe
  • Single position cutting access up to 24” (600 mm) diameter pipe, no need to access bottom of pipe
  • Easier saw control, reduced operator effort during cutting
  • Improved operator safety due to access, control and reduced rotational force
  • Reduced potential for blade breakage

How fast will a PowerGrit Utility Saw Chain cut?

Depending on the saw and other factors, including pipe wall thickness, hardness, operator experience and others, a PowerGrit chain can cut through a 10” (250 mm) ductile iron pipe in as little as 3 to 5 minutes.

How long will a PowerGrit Utility Saw Chain last?

PowerGrit chains can last as long as 30 cuts through 10” (250 mm) ductile iron pipe.

Note:The number of cuts will vary depending on many factors, including pipe diameter, pipe wall thickness and/or hardness, position of the pipe in the trench, factors related to the saw, operator experience and more. PowerGrit chains being run on gas-powered saws may get as much as 50% less chain life than on hydraulic saws, depending on conditions. Cutting into materials surrounding the pipe can also reduce chain life, as can inadequate water supply to the saw.

How long does a guidebar last?

A guidebar used with PowerGrit Utility Saw Chain should last through one to three chains depending on several factors including material being cut, operator experience, cutting into surrounding material, water pressure and others

Note: Guidebars being used with PowerGrit Utility Saw Chain should be checked periodically and replaced if worn.

What kind of saw do I need to use PowerGrit Utility Saw Chain?

PowerGrit Utility Saw Chain cannot run on a traditional or regular chain saw. This is due to the amount of horsepower required, the requirement for water to be pumped through the bar, and the other components required to run PowerGrit chain including FORCE4™ guidebars and sprockets. ICS offers two systems that meet these requirements; the 94cc gas powered 695F4/PG, and the hydraulically powered 880F4/PG & 890F4/PG saws.

Will PowerGrit Utility Saw Chain cut concrete and asphalt?

It is not recommended that PowerGrit be used to cut concrete or asphalt. PowerGrit will cut concrete, asphalt and many other materials, but chain life may be reduced significantly compared to the life experienced when cutting ductile iron pipe. For best results, concrete and other aggregate materials should be cut with ICS diamond segment concrete-cutting chain.

What is the “Pipe Clamp”?

The PowerGrit pipe clamp was developed to take the weight of the saw from the operator, make the saw more stable and produce straighter, more accurate cuts. The clamp works on pipe from 4” to 12” (10-30 cm) in diameter depending on which saw and guidebars are used.  Currently the pipe clamp is available for the 701A / 880F4/PG only. While cutting with the clamp has distinct benefits, PowerGrit can be used “free hand” or with the pipe clamp.
For Pneumatic and Hydraulic Saws Only!
ICS Ductile Iron Pipe Clamps

Why consider an alternative to the current methods for cutting ductile iron pipe?

Safety, time and money. The most widely used method for cutting ductile iron pipe now is the gas powered “cut-off saw” with a circular abrasive or diamond blade. Maneuvering a circular blade around the outside of a pipe to complete a cut requires a large area be excavated to accommodate the saw and operator. The need to cut all the way around the outside of the pipe may require use of the saw in a non-ergonomic position, which can be very difficult.

What is the largest pipe diameter that can be cut?

When cutting free-hand without use of the pipe clamp, there is no limit to the diameter of pipe that can be cut. If the pipe diameter is larger than the cutting length of the bar, it must be cut from two sides.

Does the chain require water?

The chain requires approximately one gallon per minute (approx 4 liters) of water at 20 psi (1.5 bar) of water pressure. This can be supplied by a common home or building faucet, an on-site water truck or mobile tank. A small tank with a DC electric motor attached can be purchased inexpensively for the back of a pickup or ATV.
Portable water tank for any ICS Saw!
ICS Water Tanks

Does the chain require water lubrication if there is already water in the pipe or trench?

Yes. The chain is lubricated and cooled with water through the guidebar which is the only way to ensure adequate surface cooling.

Is PowerGrit a directional chain?

No, the chain can be mounted on the bar either direction.

Is it okay to cut with the tip of the bar in the dirt?

Cutting with the tip of the bar in dirt will significantly increase chain stretch, increase cut times and reduce chain life. Further, the operator should always try to avoid cutting in the dirt or beyond the visible cutting area due to the possibility of making contact with other buried utilites and obstructions.

When does the chain need tightening?

PowerGrit chains tend to run better when slightly loose. It is normal for the drive-links to hang completely out of the bar. Tighten the chain when the drive-links hang more than 1/2 inch (12mm) below the bar. Remember that the chain should be able to be pulled around the bar by hand, otherwise it is too tight.

What happens when the chain has reached end of life?

Cutting times will increase significantly and/or straight cutting may become difficult.

When cutting pipe in the ground, will the bar and chain become pinched during cutting?

Before cutting, make sure the pipe is in a safe condition to be cut by ensuring support of the work piece in such a way that the cut remains open during the cutting operation and when the cut is finished. Pinching the chain during the cut could cause chain breakage and could result in death or serious injury to the operator.

Can I cut a pipe full of water under pressure?

Yes, PowerGrit offer the distinct advantage of being able to make a cut through a pipe full of water and under pressure. The chain technology maintains a high cut speed, whereas competitive methods require the pipe to drain and pressure be relieved before continuing with cut.