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Rebar Equipment (Cutters & Benders)

Rebar Cutters
MultiQuip Rebar Cutter;
These portable and manueverable rebar cutters from MultiQuip are easy to move around the job site. The electrohydraulic design coupling a powerful electric motor with a compact hydraulic pump provide a faster, safer, and more economical alternative to torches or saws. Able to cut up to grade 60 rebar with capacity options of 3/4" or 1".
  • Safer on the Job: prevents iron fragments from flying around the job site
  • Reliable: load tested prior to delivery
  • Adjustable: cut various rebar thicknesses by easily adjusting spacing bolt and nut
  • Return Valve: allows you to quickly clear jams
Rebar Benders
MultiQuip Rebar Bender;
Bend up to 1" rebar with the portable and easy-to-use MB-25A from MultiQuip.The included foot-switch makes for hands-free bending and the 115-volt, 13-amp electric motor is quiet and efficient. Bend rebar from 0 to 180 degrees with the precision Angle Adjustment Knob. Switch easily between rollers and collars with the included attachements. For a simple and economical rebar bender, choose the MB-25A.
  • Enclosed Clean-out Slot: prevents rebar shavings from falling into the housing
  • Low Maintenance: electromagnetic design and sealed gear case prevent contamination
  • Efficient & Quiet: since the motor is engaged only during bending, unit is silent and not running while idle
  • Fast & Smooth: electromagnetic clutch provides precise operation