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Please Ask for Internet Sales
CESSCO INC. wants to help you understand
Internet and web based security issues.
CESSCO INC. values your patronage, and takes steps to protect your security and our reputation. With Yahoo! small business hosting, CESSCO INC. is able to provide you with secure transactions.
The Following links provide more information regarding the steps Yahoo takes to protect us from internet fraud.
Many of our customers choose to phone in their orders rather than process the transaction on line. All phoned orders are accorded the maximum security CESSCO INC. can provide.
Every credit card phone order is checked to verify the accuracy of the billing information, it is CESSCO INC. policy to only ship to the Billing Address, the only exceptions are when the customer contacts their bank to include an alternate shipping address. If you are not sure how to do this, just call the customer service number printed on your credit card and ask to "attach an alternate shipping address to your card"
After processing your transaction it is CESSCO INC. Policy to shred our notes containing your credit card information, no personal information is ever discarded without shredding.