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Water Pumps
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Submersible Pumps
  • Submersible pump exampleSubmersible pumps are placed directly in the water.
  • No suction hoses are required.
  • These pumps are not subject to the suction limitations of other pump types.
  • Light duty models that are ideal for home owners and contractors needing solutions for smaller jobs.
Gasoline Pumps
gasoline pump example Standard Centrifugal Pumps are versatile pumps that provide an economical choice for general purpose clear water de-watering. The design uses a direct mounted impeller to move water by creating a partial vacuum.

High-pressure centrifugal pumps are designed for use in applications requiring high-discharge pressures and low flows. Contractors may use them to wash down equipment on the job site as well as install them on water trailers. Other uses include irrigation and as emergency standby pumps for firefighting applications.
Trash centrifugal pumps get their name from their ability to handle large amounts of debris and are the preferred choice of contractors and the rental industry. The most common sizes are in the 2 to 6-inch range producing flows from 200 to 1,600 GPM and heads up to 150-feet.
Diaphragm Pumps:
Use a positive displacement design rather than centrifugal force to move water through the casing. This means that the pump will deliver a specific amount of flow per stroke, revolution or cycle.

Diaphragm Pumps have long been a favorite of the rental industry, they deliver dependable performance and low maintenance in an economical package. They are ideal for the slow seepage applications where a centrifugal pump would ordinarily lose its prime. They are perfect for muddy water, sludge or any water with a high percentage of solids.
Diesel Trash Pumps
Multiquip Trash Pumps are engineered to meet the requirements of professional contractors. Rugged and dependable, they are ideal for dewatering applications with high solid content. Sticks, stones and debris easily pass through the pump, minimizing downtime due to clogging.

Diesel-Powered Trash Pumps
These high-volume pumps excel in the most demanding dewatering jobs. Choose from Subaru-Hatz, Hatz and Deutz diesel engines.