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Combo Pack - Buy 2 680ES Chains: get a Guide Bar free
CESSCO 814PRO Replacement Diamond Chains
Combo Packs Buy 2 ICS Diamond Chains
Continental US Freight Time Estimate
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Diamond chains for ICS 814PRO Concrete chainsaws
The 814PRO is the latest in a long line of ICS Small Sized hydraulic powered concrete cutting chainsaws. 25 Segment 3/8" Pitch Diamond chains that fit small gas saws also
fit the 814PRO Hydraulic Saw
13 Inch Diamond Chains for ICS 814PRO Concrete Cutting Chainsaws.
13" Cutting Depth - Guide bar for 25 Segment
3/8" Pitch diamond chains
Concrete Cutting Chains for ICS 8814PRO Chainsaws
Overall Length: 14.9 Inches
Referred to as a 13 Inch guide bar
Each Combo Packs for
25 Segment ICS TwinPRO Chains include
Two chains (select combo pack on the right or below),
one bar P/N 74042 (FREE save: $164.00) -
13" Cutting Depth
3/8" Pitch
TwinPRO 25
General Purpose
P/N 74719
Concrete cutting chain for small hydraulic saw
13" Cutting Depth
3/8" Pitch
P/N 71640
Hard bond chain for soft abrasive material

ICS 814PRO Chain tensioning is the same as demostrated in this video: