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Husqvarna DRY Cutting K3000-14 Inch
Electric Power Cutter with Vacuum Attachment

K3000 Power Cutter P/N 966715901
Includes:  Dust Collector
Diamond Blades sold separately.
K3000 Power Cutter P/N 966715901
Includes:  Dust Collector & Blade
14" General Purpose Diamond Blade.
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K3000-14" Vacuum Features and Benefits
K3000 Vac is an electric power cutter that enables clean dry cutting without dust or water. The vacuum unit provides superior dust collection, making this machine a market leader. Unlike other electric cutters, the blade rotates forward, cutting into the material efficiently and with minimal strain on the user. The K 3000 Vac also has Elgard™ which warns of an approaching overload.
  • For the specialty contractor or rental house that needs to cut different materials indoors or in confined areas where gas shouldn’t be used.
  • Made for cutting indoors and outdoors.
  • Ideal for quick and easy cutting of building block, pipe, reinforcement bar, supports, etc.
  • One of the market’s most powerful and versatile electric power cutters.
  • Considerable distance between handles for safe control and reduced load.
  • Elgard™, the advanced electronic overload protection system, varies the rotation speed to warn of an approaching overload.
  • Electronic Softstart™ provides starting with normal, slow-acting fuses.
  • Quick-locking of the spindle and a large outlet in the blade guard simplifies blade changes.
  • Generously dimensioned miter gear provides high durability, minimal power loss and low noise levels.
  • Blade rotates forward, cutting material efficiently and with minimal strain on the operator
K3000-Vac Technical Specifications:
Husqvarna Part Number
Blade Size
14 Inches
Cutting Depth with vacuum attachment on
4.5 Inches
Cutting Depth without vacuum attachment
5 inches
Electric motor
120 Volts
Rated output
1,800 Watts
Rated current
15 Amps
Weight including cable, not including blade or vacuum attachment
16.3 Lbs
Weight of vac unit
2.2 Lbs
Elgard™, overload protection
"Pulling" rotation
Simple blade change
Replaceable arbor bushing
Sound power level Lwa, dB(A)
Sound pressure level, dB(A)
Vibrations front handle equivalent, m/s2
Vibrations rear handle equivalent, m/s2
K3000-Vac Accessories & Optional equipment
Special Order Items
K3000 Transport Box
- P/N 505399523
  • Solid wood construction.
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DC1400 Vacuum
- P/N 966766805
  • DC 1400 comes complete with hoses and accessories. Two specially developed adapters are included for perfect attachment to recommended Husqvarna products..
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14" Diamond Blades for K3000 Cut-Off Saws
Blade Size
(Dia. x Width x Arbor)
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VH5 General Purpose Bond for cutting cured concrete & brick
14" x .118 x 1
QH5 General Purpose Bond for cured cutting concrete & brick
14" x .118 x 1
Vari-Cut General Purpose Bond for cutting cured concrete, abrasive material and light asphalt overlay with undercutting protection
14" x .125 x 1
1 Inch Arbor blades include a 20mm Bushing.