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Multiquip MB25A
Multiquip HBC19B
Speed up production with the Multiquip MB-25A Rebar Bender. This portable, operator-friendly machine bends up to 1" diameter rebar in seconds.
Free Ground

This compact rebar bender is ideal for both high-production work sites and job sites.

Rollers and collars in a variety of diameters are included to bend a full range of bar sizes up to 1" diameter (#8 rebar). A foot switch is included for high-production bending. The MB-25A Rebar Bender is easy to operate and is practically maintenance-free.

HBC19B Rebar Cutter
  • Single-phase, 115-volt universal motor
  • User-friendly design features push-button start stop.
  • Control know belects precise bending angle from 0 -180 degrees. Angle adjustment know allows fine tuning of bending angle
  • Electro magnetic clutch is close-coupled to the motor
  • Motor runs only during bending operation for lower noise level and energy efficiency.
  • Electro-mechanical design with sealed gear case prevents contamination and requires no maintenance.
  • Two built-in lifing handles for portability.
  • Tool kit included
  • Waterproof cover.

Model MB-25A Can bend 1" rebar a full 180 degrees in just 5 seconds and handles up to 4 pieces of 1/4" rebar at a time.

MB-25A Angle Adjustment KnobAngle adjustment knob allows fine tuning of bending angle.
MB-25A Clean Out SlotEnclosed clean-out slot prevents rebar shavings from falling into the housing.
MB-25A Foot SwitchThe included foot switch frees the operator's hands for high-production work.
Rebar Bending Capacity

Grade 40
Intermediate Grade
70,000 psi

3/8" to 1"
Grade 50
High Grade
80,000 psi
3/8" to 1"
Grade 90
High Strength Grade
90,000 psi
3/8" to 1"
MB-25A Included Rollers & Collars
Includes 5 rollers and 6 collars to accurately bend rebar up to 1" in diameter.
For your safety, these products should not be used with ungraded rebar.