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CESSCO sells genuine ICS PowerGrit-40 Diamond Chains (P/N 545017).
Buy two & get a guide bar free. - Includes free ground freight
Genuine ICS PowerGrit-40 Diamond Chains.  P/N 545017.

Diamond Chain
ICS P/N 545017

Cut in-ground Ductile Iron Pipes with less excavation.
Results in Quicker, Easier, & Safer utility cutting.
ICS PowerGrit-40 Diamond Chains (P/N 545017) have 34 Diamond Segments.
Every other link in an ICS PowerGrit Chain is a Diamond Segment.
The 40 Segment Count can help you identify these chains.
PowerGrit lets you cut ductile iron pipes safer, faster, and easier. Cutting from one side means less excavation & faster results.
Don't use unsafe cutting methods when you can use a PowerGrit-40 Diamond Chain (P/N 545017) to safely cut in ground ductile iron pipes.ICS PowerGrit-40 Diamond Chains provide a safer cutting method for in ground ductile iron pipe.
Ductile Iron Cutting Chain
Utilized by public and private water and wastewater departements worldwide, this patented chain (EXCLUSIVELY FROM ICS) is designed to cut a variety of materials - From Ductile Iron to Plastic Pipe.
P/N 545017
Includes free ground freight
Combo Pack - Buy 2 PowerGrit-40 Chains get a free Guide Bar and sprocket
CESSCO Combo Packs
Buy 2 Chains
Combo Pack A
For use on:
  • ICS 701A Pneumatic Saws
  • ics 890PG Hydraulic Saws
  • ICS 890F4 Hydraulic Saws
  • ICS 890F4-FL Hydraulic Saws
  • ICS 880PG Hydraulic Saws
  • ICS 880F4 Hydraulic Saws
  • ICS 880F4-FL Hydraulic Saws
  • Converted ICS 853PRO Saws
Combo Pack A Includes:
  • (2) PowerGrit-40 Diamond Chains - P/N 545017
  • (1) 20" Guide Bar - P/N 529767
for large gas & hydraulic concrete chainsaws
PowerGRIT-40 diamond chains (P/N 545017) for use on large gas and large hydraulic concrete chainsaws.
40 PowerGRIT Diamond segments are laser welded to every other chain link on these PowerGRIT Diamond Chains. Notice that the diamond segments are oriented left and right to better cut the material. Patented PowerGRIT series chains are the strongest most durable chains available. Designed for heavy, professional use. Available for hydraulic and large gas saws. Cut Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, PVC Plastic Pipe, HDPE Pipe, Insituform Pipe and More! Change the way you cut pipe. PowerGrit® Utility Saw Chain is a new pipe cutting system. From ductile iron to plastic pipe, PowerGrit will get you in and out of the job faster, easier and safer than other methods.
Safer. Faster. Easier.
The ICS Utility chain saw addresses operator safety with its revolutionary grinding technology which eliminates rotational kickback and improves operator positioning when cutting pipe. Utilized by public and private water and wastewater departments worldwide, this patented platform, exclusively from ICS, is designed to cut a variety of materials from ductile iron to plastic pipe with far less excavation. The ability to cut up to 24” pipe completely from one side radically reduces the difficulty of the job. Complete your next job safer, faster and easier with ICS Utility chain saws.
NEVER USE PowerGRIT Chains in concrete or natural stone.
PowerGrit-40 Ductile Iron Chains: The faster, easier, safer way to cut Ductile Iron
Fully expose pipe, create access around entire pipe. Must excavate 2-3 feet beyond bottom of pipe..
Excavate to expose pipe and safe cutting window only. Requires only one side cutting access.
Less excavation. Small work zone impact/footprint.
Hand Digging
Extensive hand digging required to provide full circle cutting access.
Relatively little hand digging required to provide a safe, clear cutting window.
Less hand digging.
Cutting Ergonomics
Must cut from all sides, including from below.
Cut through pipe from one side, no need to move to other side or cut from below.
Single side access cuting provides a simpler, faster, and safer cutting process
Machine Performance
Circular blade stall when cutting a pipe full of water. Belt driven, slips when wet.
Able to make cut through a pipe full of water. Further, direct chain drive assure machine will perform, even when wet.
No waiting for pipe to drain. Less down time.
Must cut from all sides. Many users have become accustomed to adjusting or removing manufacturer safety guard in order to perform up cut.
Safely cut down through pipe - or plunge when necessary. No kick back as associated with traditional wood chain saws. No need to adjust manufacturer guards in order to perform upcutting.
Safe alternative.
Introducing CESSCO Color Coding for ICS Products. Whether you're a General Contractor, a Pro-Cutter, or a Utility Worker cutting ductile iron pipe, CESSCO Inc is here to help you find the right product for your job!
GC Series
Economical Concrete Cutting Systems with segments designed for general or specialty use.
F4 is FORCE4
Concrete Cutting for Heavy Professional Users. These Chains are the most durable chains available
PG PowerGrit
Utility Chain for
Ductile Iron Pipe Cutting
Safer - Faster - Easier
Perfect for Utility Work

Chain Definition for PowerGrit Chains:

  • PowerGrit - Utilized by public and private water and wastewater departements worldwide, this patented chain (EXCLUSIVELY FROM ICS) is designed to cut a variety of materials - From Ductile Iron to Plastic Pipe.
Chains Tensioning Instructions for PowerGrit-40 Chains
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CESSCO Inc sells new ICS PowerGrit-40 Diamond Chains (P/N 545017)
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