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Husqvarna K1260-16 Cut-Off Saws

RA 10 Rail Attachment.
FREE Ground Freight.
Diamond Blades sold separately.
Includes the RA10 attachment for the K1260 Rail saw. It fits quickly to the rail and provides right-angle cuts on all planes. A folding guide marks the exact position of the cut.
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  • Diamond Blades
K1260 Rail Features and Benefits
Rail traffic with high-speed trains and welded rails call for efficient, high-precision cutters. Because welded rails are subject to considerable tension as the temperature fluctuates, every cut has to be at a perfect right angle if the rail is to withstand the stresses involved and avoid displacement or failure. The same applies to the isolating joints which separate whole sections of rail for automatic signaling purposes, letting the system know the train’s exactly location. Rail cutting and welding operations must be done quickly, often between trains, to avoid delays. The K 1260 Rail is equipped with the RA 10 attachment, which fastens to the rail to ensure a perfect right-angle cut.
New generation Active Air Filtration™ efficiently cleans air. Filter inspection required only with normal maintenance until filter needs to be replaced.
  • Ideal for challenging jobs that require extra power.
  • When used with the KV 1260 cart, it can be utilized for flat work jobs.
    (Not Included: See "Accessories" tab above)
  • SmartCarb™, a built-in automatic filter compensation,
    maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption.
  • The Poly V-belt provides better power transmission, less
    retensioning and increased product life.
  • DEX, dust-handling system, provides cleaner cutting with
    less water usage.
K1260-Rail Technical Specifications:
Blade Size 16 Inches
Cutting Depth 6 Inches
Power 7.8 Hp
Displacement 7.3 Inches (119cc)
Weight without fuel or blade 47 Lbs
Fuel Capacity 1.3 quarts
Air-Cooled 2-Stroke Engine Yes
Active Air Filtration™ Yes
Smartcarb™ Yes
EasyStart™ Yes
Reversible cutting arm Yes
Self-lubricating clutch bearing Yes
Easy-adjust blade guard Yes
Wet kit Yes
Replaceable arbor bushing Yes
Sound power level Lwa, dB(A) 118
Sound pressure level, dB(A) 102
Vibrations front handle equivalent, m/s2 5.1
Vibrations rear handle equivalent, m/s2 5.2
K1260-16 Accessories & Optional equipment
Special Order Items
RA 10 Rail Cutting Attachment
- P/N 965191605
  • Included with saw - available as a replacement also.
Please call 1-800-882-4959 for a freight quote or to order.
K1260 Rail Transport Box
- P/N 575465301
  • Solid wood construction.
Please call 1-800-882-4959 for a freight quote or to order.
Pressurized Water Tank
- P/N 506326302
  • Includes 10 foot hose.
Please call 1-800-882-4959 for a freight quote or to order.
16" Diamond Blades for K1260 Cut-Off Saws
Recommend customer use Abrasive Discs.

(Husqvarna Part Number - 542751521) for rail cutting. Please Call for a freight quote.