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Husqvarna K760 Cut-N-Break Saw

K760 Cut-N-Break:
P/N 967195701
(1) EL35CnB Blade Set
(1) Cut-N-Break Tool
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Includes a 9 Inch Blade Set EL35CnB for cutting Hard Material such as river rock, granite, heavily reinforced concrete, mica, precast panels, marble, quartz, trap rock, flint rock, and concrete of 6,000 PSI strength. Also includes the Cut-N-Break Tool.
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K760 Cut-N-Break Features and Benefits
The Husqvarna K 760 Cut-n-Break now has a new type of Cut-n-Break blade, with an improved stable core and cutting performance. The saw can cut in stages through walls up to 16" thick. With a standard engine of 73 cc, the Cut-n-Break has taken a big step toward increased cutting capacity. Additionally, the power cutter features reduced noise levels and a high-efficiency vibration dampening system. Equipped with the new generation of Active Air Filtration™, one of the market’s most efficient centrifugal air cleaning systems, you can get up to one year’s operation without a filter change. The K 760 Cut-n-Break is easy to operate and maintain, with low service and tool costs. It is also outfitted with an X-Torq® engine, which reduces emissions up to 75 % and lowers fuel consumption by 20 %. It is very easy to start due to Air Purge and a decompression valve.
New Active Air Filtration™ A unique air filtration system consisting of three separate filters that increase the service life of the engine and reduces downtime and service costs. One of the most efficient systems on the market.


A unique engine technology that increases power and reduces fuel consumption by up to 20 % and exhaust emissions by up to 75 %. The secret behind this unique engine technology is that it uses dual flushing ducts: one for clean air and one for the fuel and air mixture.

  • Ideal for window and door openings where you don’t want overcutting at the corners as well as cutting openings for burying signal cables.
  • Cuts pipes in pipe trenches, grooves for cabling, expansion joints and crack repairs.
  • Designed for wet cutting only.
  • Active Air Filtration™, centrifugal air cleaning, extends product life and service intervals.
  • SmartCarb™, a built-in automatic filter compensation, maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption.
  • Easy to start, due to the decompression valve.
  • DuraStarter™ reduces wear on the starter.
  • Easy view fuel indicator shows the fuel level in the tank.
K760-12 Technical Specifications:
Blade Size 9 Inches
Cutting Depth 16 Inches
Power 5 Hp
Displacement 4.5 Inches (74cc)
Weight without fuel or blade 23.3 Lbs
Fuel Capacity 0.95 quarts
Air-Cooled 2-Stroke Engine Yes
Active Air Filtration™ Yes
X-Torq® Yes
DuraStarter™ Yes
EasyStart™ Yes
Reversible cutting arm Yes
Fuel indicator in the tank Yes
Easy-adjust blade guard Yes
Wet kit Yes
Sound power level Lwa, dB(A) 113
Sound pressure level, dB(A) 97
Vibrations front handle equivalent, m/s2 3.2
Vibrations rear handle equivalent, m/s2 3.0
K760-12 Accessories & Optional equipment
Special Order Items
K760 Cut-N-Break Bar - P/N 544178003
  • Replacement breaking bar should you lose the bar that comes with your saw.
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Pressurized Water Tank
- P/N 506326302
  • Includes 10 foot hose.
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Diamond Blade Sets for K760 Cut-N-Break Saws
Blade Application
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Blade Set
EL10CnB General Purpose Bond for cutting concrete & brick
EL10CnB is for cutting cured concrete with hard to medium-hard aggregate and has a U-shaped segment design which improves cooling and slurry transportation, for better blade speed
EL35CnB General Purpose Bond for cutting concrete & brick
EL35CnB is a general purpose blade that will cut hard material such as river rock, granite, heavily reinforced concrete, mica, precast panels, marble, quartz, trap rock, flint rock, and concrete over 6,000 psi tensile strength
EL70CnB Soft Bond for cutting block &Soft Abrasive Materials
EL70CnB cuts concrete block, green concrete, limestone, lava rock, slate, shale, and sandstone. It is also suitable to cut through very abrasive, softer material. This blade has an excellent speed and life in all abrasive concrete