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CDM1H Core Drill Motor

Hand-Held 110Volt Core Drill Kit - Includes: Adapters, Tools, and Carrying Case
CDM1H Multiquip Core Drill
Includes free
ground freight
(Continental US)
CDM1H Multiquip Core Drill in carrying case
Power: 110 Volts * 13Amp = 1430 Watts * 0.00134102 = 1.91 Horsepower
RPM: 2200
Thread Size: MI8. Includes adapters for 5/8"-11 & 1-1/4"-7 included
Weight: 9 Lbs.
Cord Length:: 16 foot.
The CDM1H serves as a multiple application diamond core drill. Use it for WET drilling jobs up to 3 inches in diameter. - DRY drilling up to 5 inches in diameter.
  • Complete Diamond Core Drill Kit
  • Drills 1-3" dia.WET Bits
  • Drills 1-5" dia. DRY Bits
  • Included: (2) Bit Adapters,Tools and Water Kit
  • Convenient adjustable shoulder rest
  • Three-position hand grip
  • Internal Slip Clutch
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Carrying Case included
CDM1H Core Drill Manual
CDM1H Manual
Wet core bits for use with CDM1H Core Drill Motors Multiquip Core Bits
Dry core bits for use with CDM1H Core Drill Motors
Multiquip Cobra Dry Bits

Factors that affect CDM1H Hand Held Motor
performance and your profit margin

(RPM) - If the speed is too high the bit will polish. If the speed is too low the job will take too long. You will know if the bit is "Polished" or "Glazed" when it stops cutting, you have segments left, and you don't see exposed diamonds. To open up the diamonds try drilling in soft abrasive material like a cinder block. Be careful to not drill very much as you will be wasting diamonds.
Necessary to maintain the proper cutting speed. Efficient cutting means keeping the bit at the right speed.
Not too little and not too much. The right amount removes slurry and keeps the cut clean. Slurry water should look like "Coffee with cream"
You can't see it until you're done, but a good driller can feel the right speed and pressure to cut varying types of aggregate.
Slows down the cutting process. Maintaining drill motor speed is important. Don't push the bit too hard. Maintain even speed with even pressure.
Bond Specs
Too hard and it takes too long. Too soft and it costs too much money. Remember Hard bond for cutting soft abrasive materials, soft bond for cutting hard materials. "Hard on hard" won't cut, and "soft on soft" won't last.
Proper Alignment
Necessary for good bit life. This means the rig must be properly anchored. A rig can be anchored with concrete anchors, vacuum or a post jack.
Standing on the rig is DANGEROUS and not acceptable
Core Rig Maintenance
Performance, speed and bit life will mean little if your rig has bad shims, bearing and hold down devices.
Wet Core Bits by Size