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GB4000 - 4000Watt Halide Diffuser
Light Tower Conversion Kit; 4x1000W Metal Halide Lamp
Multiquip’s GB4000 lighting solution enables light tower users to not only meet regulatory requirements for diffused lighting, but permit greater soft, shadowless illumination coverage for operator comfort and safety.
generator not included
  • Limitless operating applications including industrial challenges, mining, traffic control, security, and specialevents.
  • 360° glare-free illumination featuring four 1,000W metalhalide lamps.
  • Accommodates DOT requirements to tackle glare and footcandle regulations.
  • Ties directly into Light Tower electrical system.
  • Flexible connection bracket enables simple balloon-to-mast assembly.
  • Simple Electrical set-up with quick disconnect 3-pin connections.
  • Off-set four metal halide bulbs within the protective lamp cage ensure optimum candela projection.
  • Balloon inflates automatically and quickly (less than 30 seconds).
  • Rugged balloon bag material is washable.
  • Excellent Light coverage 360° and up to 300’
The GB2000 easily connects to the electrical and ballast systems of the light tower for seamless operations.
Light Plot - GB4000 - 428,000 Lumens
Voltage (V)
Current (A)
37.2A @ 240V
Hertz (Hz)
Lamp (4)
1kW Metal Halide
55.1" x 47.2"
Total Height
Total Weight
41 lbs
Min. Generator
4200 Watts
Wind Limits
40 MPH
Assembly includes:
(1) GB4000 balloon lamp assembly
(1) Universal bracket assembly
(1) Electrical Junction box and connection hardware