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J-Series 36" Power Trowels

The J-Series incorporates amazing balance, improved serviceability, and your choice of a Standard or QuickPitchTM Handle, providing contractors with the ideal machine for residential and general construction work.
Standard handle power trowel
Standard Handle
Quick pitch handle power trowel
Quick Pitch Handle

j36h55 36-inch power trowel head
J36H55 36" Trowel Head
4.8Hp Honda GX160
Trowel Head Only
j36h55-sxh 36-inch power trowelJ36H55-SXH 36" Trowel
Centrifugal Clutch
with Standard Handle
j36h55-qxh 36-inch power trowelJ36H55-QXH 36" Trowel
Centrifugal Clutch
with Quick Pitch Handle

j36h90h 36-inch power trowel head
J36H90H 36" Trowel Head
8Hp Honda GX270
for High-Speed Burnishing
Trowel Head Only
j36h90h-sxh 36-inch power trowelJ36H90H-SXH 36" Trowel
Centrifugal Clutch
with Standard Handle
j36h90h-qxh 36-inch power trowelJ36H90H-QXH 36" Trowel
Centrifugal Clutch
with Quick Pitch Handle
j36e2 36-inch power trowel
J36E2 36" Trowel
The J36E2 is capable of meeting all your finishing requirements from pan floating to high-speed finishing. Powered by a 2.0 HP electric motor it is ideal for enclosed areas such as laboratories, food processing plants and areas where exhaust fumes or noise are not permitted.
  • Adjustable Variable Speed Clutch
  • 30–160 RPM
  • Includes Standard Pitch Electric Handle
  • 115/230V Motor
QuickPitchTM Handle not available on Electric Model
C844 Combo Blades (4-Pack):
(14" Blades for 36" Trowels)
Priced with free ground freight.
F900 Finish Blades (4-Pack):
(14" Blades for 36" Trowels)
Priced with free ground freight.
2870 Float Pan (36" flat):
Priced with free ground freight.
Get a grip on the best. Multiquip's new antivibration handle design dramatically reduces the vibration transmitted to the operator. These height-adjustable handles will increase operator comfort and decrease fatigue over an eighthour day. This feature is standard on both the QuickPitch™ and Standard knob handle.

qxh concrete power trowel handle
QXH-Series QuickPitchTM handle A patented spring-loaded design enables the operator to react rapidly to changing concrete conditions. Blade pitch is increased or decreased in 1/8" increments by moving the latching lever back and forth.
sxh concrete power trowel handle

SXH-Series Standard handle
A favorite of contractors who prefer to have infinite blade pitch control. The large knob makes it easy to increase or decrease blade pitch to the desired angle.
Top quality components. Concrete contractors demand reliable equipment to get the job done right. The MQ Whiteman gearbox uses a heat-treated worm gear and composite bronze gear to ensure that your machine isn’t sidelined during a critical job. Routine maintenance is simple and economical. Our spider assembly uses high-strength wear plates made of trowel steel to prevent wear on key components. Repairing your trowel shouldn’t be costly so we make certain our replacement parts are priced right. MQ whiteman concrete power trowel components