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Diamond Products M1AA-15 & M1AA-12
Core Drill Rigs & Motors

Lower Cost Alternative to larger rigs
Core up to 6" - best results for bit sizes: 3" to 6"
M1AA Complete Core Rigs with 800RPM Motor
Up to 6" Bit Capacity with this Rig & Motor
Convenience and durability in a light weight core rig
M1AA Anchor Rig
with 800RPM Motor
Vacuum Pump N/A
Mast Height: 21"

M1AA-15 P/N 4220050
M1AA-12 220Volt 12 Amp
P/N 4220049
M1AA Combo Rig
with 800RPM Motor
Vacuum Pump Included
Mast Height: 21"

M1AA-15 P/N 4220058
M1AA-12 220Volt 12 Amp
P/N 4220048
M1AA 800RPM Motors
are equipped on/off switch and LED Lights, No need for a control box or amp meter.
Core Bits are not Included with core rig sales

Prices include:
free ground freight
(Continental U.S.)
M1AA Features & Benefits:
  • Weighs only 35 lbs.
  • Single speed-800 RPM
  • Spring loaded slide handle for easy coring
  • Convenient carrying handle on carriage
  • Light weight and portable
  • Uses standard power outlets
  • Small compact unit for precise coring
  • No separate amp meter box
  • Includes trap ring that keeps water contained
  • Lower cost alternative to larger rigs
Power: 110 Volts * 15Amp = 1650 Watts * 0.00134102 = 2.213 Horsepower
Power: 220 Volts * 12Amp = 2640 Watts * 0.00134102 = 3.540 Horsepower
RPM: Single-Speed Motor 800 "No-Load" RPM settings.
Thread Size: 1-1/4"-7 Spindle
Weight: 31 Lbs.
Accessories associated with the M1AA Core Rigs
Bit Sharpening Pot
#60 Aluminum OxidePipe Mount for Wika DK22 Rigs
P/N 4400022
Use with any DP Rig
Pipe Mount
Specify Core Rig Pipe Mount for Weka DK22 Rigs
P/N 4400509
Use with any DP Rig
115 Volt Single Switch Dual Outlet
Single Switch for Weka DK22 Core Drill Motors
P/N 4277537
115 Volt Dual Switch Dual Outlet Dual Switch for Weka DK22 Core Drill Motors
P/N 4243000
115 Volt Digital Dual Switch Dual Outlet Dual Switch for Weka DK22 Core Drill Motors
P/N 4243012

Factors that affect M1AA Rig Motor performance
and your profit margin

(RPM) - If the speed is too high the bit will polish. If the speed is too low the job will take too long. You will know if the bit is "Polished" or "Glazed" when it stops cutting, you have segments left, and you don't see exposed diamonds. To open up the diamonds try drilling in soft abrasive material like a cinder block. Be careful to not drill very much as you will be wasting diamonds.
Necessary to maintain the proper cutting speed. Efficient cutting means keeping the bit at the right speed.
Not too little and not too much. The right amount removes slurry and keeps the cut clean. Slurry water should look like "Coffee with cream"
You can't see it until you're done, but a good driller can feel the right speed and pressure to cut varying types of aggregate.
Slows down the cutting process. Maintaining drill motor speed is important. Don't push the bit too hard. Maintain even speed with even pressure.
Bond Specs
Too hard and it takes too long. Too soft and it costs too much money. Remember Hard bond for cutting soft abrasive materials, soft bond for cutting hard materials. "Hard on hard" won't cut, and "soft on soft" won't last.
Proper Alignment
Necessary for good bit life. This means the rig must be properly anchored. A rig can be anchored with concrete anchors, vacuum or a post jack.
Standing on the rig is DANGEROUS and not acceptable
Core Rig Maintenance
Performance, speed and bit life will mean little if your rig has bad shims, bearing and hold down devices.