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CC1200XL Diamond Products Slab Saws
CC1200XL Series
Portable Push Saws
CC1200XL Small Walk Behind Saws
  • CC1200XL Features and Benefits
    CC1200 Series
    Features & Benefits
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  • CC1200XL Specifications
    CC1200 Series
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    Optional Equipment
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    Diamond Blades
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CC1200XL Series Slab Saw Features & Benefits
  • Heavy duty design, but light weight enough for two people to lift and carry.
  • Cyclone air filter (on Honda Models)
  • Easy to read built-in depth indicator
  • Slip-on blade guards
  • Heavy duty handles do not rattle like competitor handles
  • Left or right hand sawing
  • Single ribbed belt
  • Water tank and lifting bale (tank optional - for dust suppression)
CC1200XL Control PanelDial Screw feed raise and lower handle with comprehensive saw operation control panel.
CC1200XL Depth IndicatorHeavy duty built-in depth indicator within easy view during operation allows quick measuring of the blade depth.
CC1200XL Series Slab Saw Technical Specifications
Maximum depth of cut with a 14 Inch Blade
4-5/8 Inches
Maximum depth of cut with a 18 Inch Blade
6-5/8 Inches
Blade shaft RPM:
Blade shaft diameter
Arbor size
1" with single drive pin
Blade mounting
Right or Left
Blade raise / lower:
Precision screw feed
Handle bars:
Depth indicator:
CC1200 XL Side Dimentison CC1200-XL Vertical Dimentsions
CC1200 Series Saws weigh between 225Lbs to 290Lbs
Optional Equipment for CC1200XL Series Slab Saws
CC1200XL Optional Water Tank
7-1/2 Gallon Water Tank P/N 6049047:  


Water Tank is for DUST SUPRESSION only
and intended to be used with Dry Cutting Blades
CC1200XL Optional Blade Guard
14 Inch Slip on Blade Guard P/N 6016001:


CC1200XL Optional Blade Guard
18 Inch Slip on Blade Guard P/N 6016000: