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695XL-F4 Concrete Cutting Chainsaw
The 695XL-F4 is the most advanced large sized 50:1 Gasoline Chainsaw from ICS
Available with 12 inch and 16 inch cutting depth options.
695XL-F4 & 695XL-PG Models Use 0.444" Pitch bars & chains,
easily switch to 3/8" Pitch 695XL-GC Systems
All ICS Saws are Wet Cutting Systems - minimum 2gpm @ 20psi
695XL-F4 Package 576151
With a 12" Cutting Depth
695XL-F4 12 Inch Saw Package P/N 5761510.444" Pitch
695XL Saw Package Includes:
(1) Power Head
(1) 12" guide bar
(2) 12" ProFORCE Chains
12" Saw Package
only: $2,616.00
695XL-F4 Package N/A
With a 14" Cutting Depth
695XL-F4 14 Inch Saw Package NOT AVAILABLE0.444" Pitch
14 Inch systems for ProFORCE and PowerGrit are not available.

14" Saw Package
Not Available
695XL-F4 Package 575872
With a 16" Cutting Depth
695XL-F4 16 Inch Saw Package P/N 5758720.444" Pitch
695XL Saw Package Includes:
(1) Power Head
(1) 16" guide bar
(2) 16" ProFORCE Chains
16" Saw Package
only: $2,800.00
Continental US Freight Time Estimate
Estimated Travel time for Concrete Chainsaw delivery
Quick links to 695XL specific products
695XL - General Contractorr Saw Package
3/8" Pitch
General Contractor
Concrete Chainsaw
Same Power Head
as 695XL-F4
695XL PowerGrit Utility Ductile Iron Cutting System
0.444" Pitch
Utility Saw for
Ductile Iron Cutting
Same Power Head
as 695XL-F4
695XL F4 Replacement Guide Bars
0.444" Pitch
Guide Bars for
Concrete Chains
12" or 16"
Cutting Depth
695XL F4 Replacement Parts
The versatile 695XL
3/8" Pitch or 0.444" Pitch Configuration.
The Power Heads all use these same parts
ICS Combo Pack for 695XL saws - Buy 2 ICS Chains get the ICS Guide Bar Free
CESSCO Combo Packs
Buy 2 ICS Chains &
Get a guide bar FREE!
ICS FORCE3 Chains for 695XL-GC Saws
FORCE3 Chains
3/8" Pitch
Used by general contractors
for cutting concrete
ICS ProFORCE Chains for 695XL-F4 Saws
ProFORCE Chains
0.444" Pitch
Used by Pro Cutters
for cutting concrete
ICS PowerGrit Chains for 695XL-PG Saws
PowerGrit Chains
0.444" Pitch
Used by Utility Workers
for cutting Ductile Iron Pipe
Technical Specifications of the 695XL-F4
695XL F4 Specification and Data Sheet

WEIGHT 21 lbs/9.6 kg (without bar and chain)
BAR LENGTH Up to 16" (40 cm)
ENGINE SPEED 11500 +/- 500 rpm, 2500-2800 rpm idle
HORSEPOWER 6.4 @ 9000 rpm
TORQUE 50.4 in-lbs @ 7200 rpm
ENGINE TYPE 2-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled
DISPLACEMENT 5.7 cu. inch (94cc)
POWERHEAD DIMENSIONS 19 inches (48cm) Length
14 inches (36cm) Height
12 inches (30cm) Width
NOISE LEVEL 102 dB @ 3 ft (1 m)
VIBRATION LEVEL 8 meters/second2 (front handle)
WATER SUPPLY Minimum 20 psi (1.5 bar)
FUEL MIX RATIO 50:1 (2%) fuel-to-oil
FUEL CAPACITY 0.26 gal (1.0 liter)
estimate 15-18 minute run time per tank
These 695XL Power Heads - are sold without guide bars or chains.
695XL-GC Power Head
3/8" Pitch drive sprocket.
695XL-GC Power Head P/N 575862 695XL 3/8" Pitch
Power Head
Only: $1,868.00
695XL-F4 & 695XL-PG Power Head
0.444" Pitch drive sprocket.
695XL-F4 and 695XL-PG  Power Head P/N 575862 695XL 0.444" Pitch
Power Head
Only: $1,868.00
695XL-F4 Concrete Chainsaw