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Replacement Parts for ICS 695XL Chainsaws
The ICS 695XL Repair Parts Price List is broken down into several diagrams and parts lists. Click on the link located to the right for a complete list of parts for the 695XL Saws.
CESSCO Inc highly encourages our customers to call our parts department at 1-800-882-4959 when ordering parts for our best price.
Multiple Parts or Multiple quantities of the same part
may be discounted from our online prices.
CESSCO Inc stocks many "fast moving" items, but stocking everything for every saw isn't feasible.
CESSCO Inc places 2-3 stocking orders with ICS every week.
Allowing us to order your parts with our stocking orders is economical.
However, having ICS Ship Direct for emergencies can be arranged. Unfortunately ICS has implemented a $75.00 drop ship fee
Click-To-Buy parts include ground freight in the price
Continental US Freight Time Estimate
Estimated Travel time for Concrete Chainsaw delivery
Drive Sprocket
p/n 70949 - ics drive sprocket for 3/8 inch pitch ICS  gas saws
3/8" Pitch
for use with TwinMAX and FORCE3 Chains
P/N 70949
ONLY: $29.95
Drive Sprocket
p/n 525496 - ics drive sprocket for 0.444 inch pitch ICS  gas saws
0.444" Pitch
for use with ProFROCE and PowerGrit Chains
P/N 525496
ONLY: $34.95
Air Filter
Air filter for ICS 695XL Saws
Air Filter
Polyester air filter canister

P/N 544064
ONLY: $49.95
Filter Cover
Filter cover for 695XL Saws
Filter Cover Assy

P/N 544062
ONLY: $59.95
Starter Assy
starter assy for ICS 695XL Gas saws
Starter Cover Assy

P/N 544013
ONLY: $173.50
Clutch Cup
Clutch cup for ICS 695XL gas saws
includes needle bearing
Clutch cup
with needle bearing
P/N 543909
ONLY: $169.95
Clutch Kit
Clutch assy for ICS 695XL gas saws
includes clutch spring
Clutch Kit
with Clutch Spring
P/N 547856
ONLY: $249.95
Piston Stop
Piston stop for ICS 695XL Gas saws
Service Item
Cylinder Assembly Clamps and Piston Stop
P/N 71543
ONLY: $34.95
Carburetor for ICS 695XL gas saws
Replacement Item
RWJ-7 Carburetor
P/N 544075
ONLY: $339.95
Repair Kit
Carburetor repair kit for ICS 695XL gas saws
Service Item
Repair Kit
P/N 576161
ONLY: $119.95
Tensioner for 695XL Gas Saws
Chain Tensioner
for use with large gas saws like the 695XL
P/N 543904
ONLY: $99.95
Cylinder Assy
Piston and cylinder for ICS 695XL Gas Saws
Piston & Cylinder Assy
Complete Piston and Cylinder Assembly
P/N 576169
ONLY: $489.95
ICS Combo Pack for 695XL saws - Buy 2 ICS Chains get the ICS Guide Bar Free
CESSCO Combo Packs
Buy 2 ICS Chains &
Get a guide bar FREE!
ICS FORCE3 Chains for 695XL-GC Saws
FORCE3 Chains
3/8" Pitch
Used by general contractors
for cutting concrete
ICS ProFORCE Chains for 695XL-F4 Saws
ProFORCE Chains
0.444" Pitch
Used by Pro Cutters
for cutting concrete
ICS PowerGrit Chains for 695XL-PG Saws
PowerGrit Chains
0.444" Pitch
Used by Utility Workers
for cutting Ductile Iron Pipe
Technical Specifications of the 695XL
695XL GC Specification and Data Sheet

WEIGHT 21 lbs/9.6 kg (without bar and chain)
BAR LENGTH Up to 16" (40 cm)
ENGINE SPEED 11500 +/- 500 rpm, 2500-2800 rpm idle
HORSEPOWER 6.4 @ 9000 rpm
TORQUE 50.4 in-lbs @ 7200 rpm
ENGINE TYPE 2-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled
DISPLACEMENT 5.7 cu. inch (94cc)
POWERHEAD DIMENSIONS 19 inches (48cm) Length
14 inches (36cm) Height
12 inches (30cm) Width
NOISE LEVEL 102 dB @ 3 ft (1 m)
VIBRATION LEVEL 8 meters/second2 (front handle)
WATER SUPPLY Minimum 20 psi (1.5 bar)
FUEL MIX RATIO 50:1 (2%) fuel-to-oil
FUEL CAPACITY 0.26 gal (1.0 liter)
estimate 15-18 minute run time per tank
695XL-GC Concrete Chainsaw