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Concrete Chainsaw Package Deals include a FREE second chain.
Get a FREE 2nd Chain
With EVERY 890PG Saw Package
Includes Free Ground Freight
890PG - 8GPM
Eight Gallons Per Minute
890PG - 12GPM
Twelve Gallons Per Minute
Redesigned with the user in mind

The ICS 890 Series hydraulic cutting system offers the superior strength of FORCE4® technology. From the redesigned, more durable rear handle, to the easy to replace drive sprocket, this saw is engineered to stand up to your toughest jobs. In a package that exceeds industry standards this sleek powerhouse is packed with features designed to make it work as hard as you do.
  • Redesigned rear handle offers improved ergonomic cutting and greater durability
  • 3 scratch resistant bubble levels for more accurate vertical and horizontal cutting
  • New drive sprocket design allows for quick replacement in the field
  • Universal motor across 890 series saw platforms and compatible with ICS 880 series saw
  • New secondary water shut off valve for flow metering and water conservation

  • Available with 1’ or 8’ hoses; 1/2” quick disconnects included for convenience

    Why choose the 8 Foot Hose Set?

  • The 8' hose set shifts the weight of the couplers away from the saw and onto the ground. Reducing operator fatigue.
  • The heat from hydraulic fluid is conducted into the coupler set. Moving the couplers away from the operator improves comfort.
890PG Series Product Specifications
8GPM Units
12GPM Units
27.3 Lbs. with 15-Inch bar & chain combination &
1' Hose Whips
Bar Length
Up to 25 Inches (also available in 10" / 15" / 20")
Power Head Dimensions
23 Inch Length
10.5 Inch Height
9.5 Inch Width
122 Inch-lbs
170 Inch-lbs
11.5 Hp
Motor Speed
6100 rpm
6500 rpm
Hydraulic Supply
8 GPM @ 2500 PSI
12 GPM @ 2500 PSI
Noise Level
107 dB @ 3 ft
Vibration Level
2.0 m/second2 (front handle)
6.0 m/second2 (rear handle)
Water Supply
Minimum 20 psi