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Tsurumi HS Series Pumps

Tsurumi HS Series PumpsSand and trash handling pumps with built in agitator. Available in: 1/2Hp, 3/4Hp,
and 1Hp
use when pumping "brown" water,
sandy water, or water with small debris.
The Tsurumi HS Series pumps feature a semi-vortex rubber impeller with agitator that suspends solids and allows for pumping sand and debris.
  • Continuous duty air-filled, copper wound motor with class E insulation is highly efficient and minimizes the cost of operation.
  • Double inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces running in an oil filled chamber.
  • Double shielded, permanently lubricated, high temperature C3 ball bearings rated for a B-10 life of 60,000 hours provide for one the most durable seal designs available.
Choose from manual or automatic operation and 2-inch or 3-inch discharge sizes.
Tsurumi HS Series - Pump Curves Tsurumi HS-Series pump graph
As elevation (head) decreases, volume capacity increases.
When using any pump, avoid operating on the edges of the pump curve.
The center of every pump curve represents the pumps maximum efficiency.