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Dirty-Water Submersible Trash Pumps

Heavily debris-laden water calls for rugged pumps. Multiquip submersible trash pumps can easily handle solids up to 1 inch in diameter. All pumps employ single phase electrical power, compact design, high performance impeller design, and trusted performance operations.
2" Pump
79 GPM
40' Head
ST2040T Float
With Floats
3" Pump
270 GPM
86' Head
2" Pump
72 GPM
34' Head
2" Pump
95 GPM
45' Head
Tsurumi HS Series PumpsSand and trash handling pumps with built in agitator. Available in: 1/2Hp, 3/4Hp, and 1Hp
Choose from manual or automatic operation and 2-inch or 3-inch discharge sizes.
Model: HS2.4S
2" Discharge 1/2Hp
The HS2.4S is a Tsurumi HS Series Pumps
Model: HZS2.4S
2" Discharge 1/2Hp (Auto)
The HSZ2.4S is a Tsurumi HS Series Pumps
Model: HSD2.55
2" Discharge 3/4Hp (Sand)
The HSD2.55S is a Tsurumi HS Series Pumps
Model: HS3.75
3" Discharge 1Hp
The HS3.75S is a Tsurumi HS Series Pumps
Model: HSZ3.75
3" Discharge 1Hp (Auto)
The HSZ3.75S is a Tsurumi HS Series Pumps

Gasoline Powered Trash Pumps

2" Pump
211 GPM
98 Head
3" Pump
396 GPM
95 Head
QP3THX - Quite Run
3" Pump
396 GPM
95 Head
3" Pump
396 GPM
95 Head
4" Pump
555 GPM
92 Head
Honda Trash pump WT Series are specially designed for job sites and applications where high volume trash water capacity is required. Honda WT series pumps offer highly desired features including their legendary, easy-starting and reliable OHV commercial-grade engine, rugged full frame protection, quick release clean-out and durable silicon carbide mechanical seals.
Honda Pump model WT20
Honda Pump model WT30
Honda Pump model WT40

Diesel Powered Trash Pumps

2" Pump
172 GPM
95 Head
3" Pump
325 GPM
85 Head
4" Pump
475 GPM
85 Head
Optional Trailers
6" Pump
1190 GPM
111 Head
Optional Trailers
6" Pump
1600 GPM
150 Head
Optional Trailers