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Guide Bars
for 633GC Concrete Chainsaws

Replacement Guide Bars for 633GC Concrete ChainsawsReplacement Guide Bars for ICS
Concrete Chainsaws

Guide Bars for 633GC Concrete Chainsaws

ICS 633 Series Saw Compatibility Breakdown

All 633 Series Saws use the same power head.
The Sprocket is only thing different on the Power Heads.

Saw Model
The same 695(Series)
Power Head is used on
every 695(Series) Saw.
Drive Sprocket
Guide Bar
Diamond Chains
Equipped with sprocket 70949 the power head is referred to as a 633GC. Recommended for General Contractors: Primary Benefit - Economical chains.
12" 553207
14" 73600
16" 71600
Equipped with sprocket 525496 the power head is referred to as a 633F4. Recommended for Pro-Cutters: Primary Benefit - Professional grade faster cutting and longer lasting chains.
12" 553208
16" 524490
Like the 695F4 the 633PG is also equipped with a 525496 sprocket.

The powerhead can be referred to as a 633PG when purchased with PowerGrit Chains.

When purchasing a 633PG Saw Package, the Power Head sold will be labelled as 633F4 because the Power Heads are identical.

Recommended for Utility Work: Primary Benefit - Faster, Easier, and Safer cutting of Ductile Iron Pipes in ground.
16" 524490
Note: By switching drive sprockets all of these guide bars and diamond chains can be compatible with any 633 Series Saw

Switching Drive Sprockets is as easy as removing the retaining ring the retainer and spacer then switching drive sprockets and replacing the spacer, retainer and retaining ring.

This ICS video shows proper chain tensioning.

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