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50PN2.75S Pumps50PN2.75S
The main components of the PN Pump are made of 304 stainless-steel and composite resin materials, making this an ultra-lightweight pump. Suitable for effluent applications where large solids are not likely to exist. Automatic versions are available in all sizes. . The 50PN2.75S Pump has been used as a Water Feature Pump for years. The corresponding Water Feature Pumps are stocked items and less expensive. Note: Pump bases may vary slightly from the images shown.
50PN2.75S Pump 2" Pump with 32' Cord
1 Hp, 115V,
90 GPM,
55 ft. Total Head
Special Order Item
Usually ships 7-10 days
after purchase
Also available in 230 Volt - Single or Three Phase
also available in 460 Volt 3-Phase.
Please call: 1-800-882-4959 for pricing and availability.
PU Series - Pump Curves 50PN2.75S Pump Curve
As elevation (head) decreases, volume capacity increases.
When using any pump, avoid operating on the edges of the pump curve.
The center of every pump curve represents the pumps maximum efficiency.
50PN2.75S Tsurmi Pumps for Koi Ponds
Corrosion resistant Tsurumi water feature pumps provide the perfect environment to enjoy the beauty of a koi fish pond.
Tsurumi water feature pumps help maintain a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.
Pump Model
@ 5 Feet
@ 10 Feet
@ 15 Feet
@ 20 Feet
3510 GPH
2130 GPH
1200 GPH
Not Recommended
Not Recommended
3180 GPH
2610 GPH
1800 GPH
Not Recommended
4350 GPH
3750 GPH
3120 GPH
Not Recommended
Note Recommended
5220 GPH
4260 GPH
*GPH = Gallons Per Hour